Word Sentences

Putting words together into sentences

Words and Sentences

The beauty about writing is that any sign or symbol that is typed into a sentence is going to make it’s way into the reader’s mind when he or she runs their eyes over it.

The magic of literature is inside of every book and story that has ever been written and sentences are the key factor in developing whether a novel is good or not. The first time that I picked up a book was when I was a young lad and since then I have been reading so much that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Books give us all life and take us to imaginary places where anything is possible.

The reason why you write sentences is to fill them with words and letters that are going to be pleasing to the reader. When these words enter the lips of your fan you are going to realize that it was all worth it.

Go ahead now and close your eyes and think about all the amazing sentences that you’ve written and read in all your years and suddenly you will be overcome with a coolness that really tells you how these have affected you.

True happiness is gained when you can lay down and read a book cover to cover and then enjoy afterwards the symbols and the intense feeling of joy that has been given to you by the sentences in front of you.

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